Do you need internet to play sims 3

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Jul 11, 2011 · Answers. No. You do not need internet connection to play Sims 3. That's weird that it isn't responding. What I suggest to you is that you go to the sims website, click on help, then click on contact us and tell them what is wrong. I would also suggest that you do the live chat on help. This always works for me.

I play Sims 3. And No you don't need an Internet connection to play Sims 3. Only for registering the game, updating the game, uploading or downloading other players creations. But for the main game you can play it offline. There are achievements to unlock if you're on the online mode. But other than that you can just play the game in offline mode. Will you need an internet connection to play the Sims 3 ... They do, however, say that you can download extra items (this includes furniture, towns, and other things for your Sims), so not having the internet connection will impair that. Other than that small detail, game play should be exactly the same. The sims game is released! But i know you don't need internet to play but can i still register it on...

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When you set up a new business you will need to add some funds to it from your family funds balance. Each store you own has its funds managed separately to cover its expenses and actions, such as building, placing items, restocking, paying … The Sims 3 Supernatural Guide | SimsVIP

I bought the sims 3 and some exansion and stuff packs from my local walmart came home and downloaded them onto my lap top i had to have internet to play but it said it was only for the first time, lator my computer needed to be restared and after it came back on i was going to play but i couldnt beacuse i dont have internet acess at my home how do i turn the online part of my sims 3 off so ...

Jan 20, 2018 ... Pretty much everyone has played the Sims at some point in their lives ... Sims should even be considered a “real video game” at all, the internet is ... Sims 3 without suffering the social consequences, then you would be wrong. 13 Things You Didn't Know About "The Sims 3" - Lifewire

Do you need the internet to play the sims 3 for PC?

Before I connected Origin to my Sims-games, I could play the game offline. If we ever lost the internet connection, I still could play The Sims 3, but now I can`t, and it plum! This was my only game I always could play, with or without internet. I HATE Origin for this. How do you play Sims 3 without the internet? It keeps saying ...